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Jippiyade VDW [PROK, D-OC] by EL Capone
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stallion Jippiyade VDW - 2.5 years old - KWPN 1st selection at Ermelo on December 2nd 2017 (EL Capone x Jazz x Argus x Uniform x Eros)
stallion Jippiyade VDW - KWPN 1st selection at Ermelo on December 2nd 2017 --- 2.5 years old

stallion Jippiyade VDW - 2.5 years old - KWPN 1st selection at Ermelo on December 2nd 2017 (EL Capone x Jazz x Argus x Uniform x Eros)
stallion Jippiyade VDW - KWPN 1st selection at Ermelo on December 2nd 2017 --- 2.5 years old

Jippiyade VDW
EL Capone - Jazz - Argus - Uniform

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VIDEOS on Jippiyade VDW
exterior performance - 1st KWPN selection at Ermelo,
movement performance - 1st KWPN selection at Ermelo
group performance - 1st KWPN selection at Ermelo
1: movement performance - 2nd KWPN selection at Den Bosch
2: movement performance - 2nd KWPN selection at Den Bosch

Jippiyade VDW (s. EL Capone - by UB40 x OO Seven -), colt, dark brown, born May 18th 2014, is the 3rd offspring of the amazing KPWN Elite, Preferent, Sport (DR), NMK TOP and PAVO-CUP Finals mare Vayade VDW. Her first offspring is the Elite, EPTM mare Ediyade VDW, born June 20th 2009 and her 2nd offspring is the Ster, EPTM mare Irisyade VDW, born April 13th 2013.

At birth Jippiyade VDW was a strong, tall and long lined colt with big expressive eyes. Already in his first weeks he impressed us by his strinking balans and transitions in movement. Split second actions valid for all his movement transistion using step, trot and canter while looking around as if he asked us "Is there something wrong with what I am doing?".

Unfortunately there are no pictures nor videos from Jippiyade VDW as a foal. The first pictures and videos where taken during the first KWPN selection test at Ermelo.

The stallion Jippiyade VDW combines all the excelent qualities of the KWPN mare line 102 / breeding family 236 and the KWPN mare line 121 / breeding family 175 (Karin mare line) through our top KWPN mare Vayade VDW (Elite, Preferent, Sport-(DR), NMK, EPTM and PAVO-CUP Finals) and the talented KWPN approved stallion EL Capone (UB 40 x OO Seven.

In terms of sport performance the pedigree of Jippiyade VDW is of a rare kind. The 8 dams in the 5th degree do all own the KWPN Prestatie (sport performance) predicate. They are: 1: HALLA UTOPIA (ELITE, PREFERENT, PRESTATIE, SPORT-(DR)), 2: TILUCIENE (KEUR, PREFERENT,PRESTATIE), 3: GELBRIA (STER, VOORLOPIG KEUR, PRESTATIE), 4: TAMORA (KEUR, PREFERENT, PRESTATIE), 5: ULISSA (KEUR, PREFERENT, PRESTATIE), (KEUR, PREFERENT, PRESTATIE), 7: ROZETTA (PREFERENT, PRESTATIE) and finally 8: LILIUM (KEUR, PREFERENT, PRESTATIE).

Without an exception also the 8 KWPN approved sires in the 5th degree have proven to be of substantial influential in dressage. The are: 1: JAZZ (PREFERENT), 2: MICHELANGELO (elite), 3: RUBENSTEIN I, 4: SALUUT, 5: PURIOSO, 6: ULSTER (dam sire of Jazz), 7: PION and 8: UNIFORM (PREFERENT).

At the 1st KWPN stallion selection test (December 2 2016) Jippiyade VDW was 2.5 years old. Already at this young age he is a very impressive stallion with 1.72m height. He has an exceptional powerful hind leg with amazing impulse, is quite energetic and always likes to work. He does all the work with ease and very light footed. His three gaits are always uphill, collected and transitions are rapid with retained balans.
Working with Jippiyade VDW is always a great pleasure. Undoubtly, he is a natural dressage talent and every day again he shows all inherent qualities that makes him a coming promising Grand Prix dressage hore.

The dam line of Jippiyade VDW goes back on Hestia 12.280hbSgldt, the foundation mare of the KWPN dam line 102 and performance breeding family 236. This bloodline has already produced several KWPN approved stallions. I.e. Variant, Ulster, keur stallion Elegant, Guelderson (UK), Monarch and Organist.
In the summer of 2002 a son (by Donnerhall) out of Diamant STV was appointed for the KWPN stallion performance test at Ermelo. Diamant STV is a full sister to Jade STV, grandgranddam of Jippiyade VDW.

sire: (1.68m)

EL Capone, LT/PSG
KWPN 528003200911224Stb

KWPN 01.02948Stb
Olivi /keur, GP
KWPN 96.00083Stb
Jazz /pref, GP
KWPN 91.6398Stb
s.Cocktail / pref, GP
Halla Utopia /elite, pref, prest, sport-(dr)
KWPN 1943Stb
s.Aktion / GP
Kilucienne /keur, pref, prest, Sport-(dr)
KWPN 92.8785 / Z2-(dr)
Michelangelo / elite
KWPN 85.7719Stb
s.Pasteur XX
Tiluciene /keur, pref, prest
KWPN 9969Stb
s.Farn / pref
Vamora /elite, pref
KWPN 02.12031Stb
OO Seven / keur, GP
KWPN 96.09740Stb
Rubenstein I / GP
Westf DE341410666986
Gelbria / ster, voorl. keur, prest
KWPN 88.7024Stb
s.Doruto / pref
Camora /keur, pref, prest
KWPN 84.157Stb
KWPN 265Stb-H Stb
Tamora /keur, pref, prest
KWPN 23483Stb-M
s.Amor / pref
dam: (1.70m)

Vayade VDW /elite, pref, sport-(dr), ZZL dressage
2005 NMK top / 2007 PAVO CUP finals (3rd mare)
02.00271Stb / KWPN
out of KWPN dam line 102 / breeding family 236

dam sire: (1.73m)

Jazz /keur, pref, int. GP
91.6398Stb / KWPN

Cocktail /keur, pref, int. GP
84.4191Stb / KWPN
Purioso /keur
244Stb-H / KWPN
Ulissa /keur, pref, prest
26.5465Stb-M / KWPN
s.Le Val Blanc XX
2663BB / KWPN
Charmante /keur
84.4155Stb / KWPN
dam line (236) Nayade STV
328Stb-H / KWPN
Warmante /keur, pref, prest
80.5657 / Sgldt
s.Amor /pref
1196Sgldt / Holst
Nayade STV /Stb, pref, Z-dressage
95.10164Stb / KWPN
Argus /Stb, SP int GP, DR int Int-I
82.1217Stb / KWPN
Also Oldenburg approved
Competed on int. GP show jumping and int. Int-I Dressage simultanuously
Pion /Stb, int. SP
224Stb / KWPN
Competed on int. Showjumping
Rozetta /Stb, pref, prest
19.264Stb / KWPN
s.Jasper /Stb, keur, Int. GP
KWPN 33Stb
Jade STV /Stb, keur, EPTM
91.10217Stb / KWPN
She ranked 93rd in 2007 on the KWPN top-250-list of best dressage breeding mares with dressage breeding index of 162/50%.
Uniform /Stb, keur, pref, PSG
331Stb / KWPN
Competed on PSG under Anky van Grunsven
Lilium /Stb, keur, pref, prest
6598Stb / KWPN (s.Eros /Stb, keur)
Dam of KWPN approved PSG stallion Variant
She was: 3x Champion of best moving riding horses in N-B, 3x one of the best 10 under saddle at C.H.I.O. Rotterdam and Champion of best moving breeding mares.

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